1. Relax and be in the moment, this is going to be fun.

We want these photos to be a true reflection of your relationship! I keep things really light and always keep you moving through direction and prompts. I don't expect anyone to step in front of my camera and know exactly what to do, so try not to get caught up on "posing". It's more about your interaction!

2. Consider your vibe before discussing location.

Here are a few vibes or settings to consider if you haven't nailed down your location yet: local/state park, city, open field, industrial, rustic, woodsy, at home, cafe/brewery, near water, "a day out" (farmers market, flower picking, food truck etc.), destination.

3. Time of year and Time of Day.

Is there a certain season you love? Think about having your session then! No matter the season I like to start sessions two hours to an hour and a half before sunset to get the dreamy light. In the late spring/summer months that can be as late as 7pm and as early at 2pm during winter months.

4. Hair and Make-up.

If you're someone who feels really comfortable doing your own hair and make-up, definitely feel free to skip this wisdom! For those of you that need a little help in this area, consider hiring a professional. They know what looks best on camera and know how to make it last. This could be a really great time to schedule your make-up trial for the wedding, too.

5. A few things to bring along.

Water, make-up/hairspray for touch-ups, a small towel (for the hot months), comfortable shoes, a blanket for sitting (if you want). I always have clear umbrellas in my car if we need them! Depending on location it could be best to leave the majority of these items (plus your cell phone) in your vehicle.




Wear outfits that coordinate, but don't match. If one of you is wearing something multicolored, the other can pull a color from the piece and wear it as a solid (check out the jacket + sweater combo below). Set out your outfits the day before and make sure you like them together. Iron and steam beforehand and if you're bringing an additional outfit, bring it on hangers!

Totally lost on wardrobe and want to make it easy on yourselves? One word. Neutrals.


Outfits, continued.

Consider your location! Formal and casual looks both work in a city setting. Formal feels more romantic and casual feels playful on camera. If your location is a rustic setting, casual outfits feel more natural!

Consider the season, too. Your options are really endless in the warmer months. If you're someone who sweats a lot, though, I'd stay away from light colors and thin fabrics. Don't absolutely freeze in a strapless dress mid-winter. Throw on a wrap or cropped jacket. Fall and winter are fun seasons to utilize + play with accessories.


Accessories + Fur Babies

I love movement in photos and accessories bring a lot to the table when we're talking movement! For example, hats, jackets, bouquets and champagne are all super fun to play with. When you grab your hat, swing your jacket or clink your glasses, that energy translates into the photo.

If you have a fur baby you want to include I am all for it! If you only want them there for a portion of the shoot, arrange for a pal to come pick them up. In-home sessions are great if you want to include your cats.


Let's Adventure


Joshua Tree NP + Lake Tahoe


Neon Museum + Fremont Street



Great Sand Dunes + Rocky Mountain NP

Bucket List Locations

Desination Engagement

Ready to check off one of these epic bucket list locations with me?


How long will our engagement session be?

How many outfits can we bring?

The one you come in and one additional!

1 hour. Since engagement sessions are a total blast the time will fly by, but you'll end with so many gorgeous photos (80+ of the best, to be exact).

When will we get our photos?

What if it rains?

2 - 3 weeks after your shoot. All your photos will go into a personal online gallery for you to download or make prints. This gallery expires in one month, so make sure to get your photos safely downloaded asap.