June 11, 2021

Hartwood Acres Engagement

Alex and Brandon’s Hartwood Acres engagement session was so darn sweet and romantic. Alex had mentioned that in her vision for their engagement photos, she saw lots of flowers. It was early June and I knew that most of the spring blooms would be gone by then, but at Hartwood Acres they do lot’s of planting year round. The garden and grounds bursted with colorful flowers. They really wanted their darling Golden Doodle to join too, and the park is pup friendly.

Aside from a couple phone meetings, this was the first time meeting Alex and Brandon in person. Usually I’m the one trying to make couples laugh during engagement sessions, but these two were cracking me up. Their personalities are silly and sarcastic, but also super loving. They’re a perfect match.

Also let’s just take a minute to talk about their adorable puppy, Reese! So full of energy and loved exploring Hartwood Acres with her parents. Newly engaged couple, more puppies, please.

So excited for their Rivers Casino wedding next year. It’s going to be a banger.

Hartwood Acres Engagement Session locations: Hartwood Acres Mansion, Hartwood Formal Garden