January 26, 2022

City Senior Session

It was ridiculously fun getting creative with Madi for her Lawrenceville senior portrait session. She is a total dream. First, she is utterly stunning. She was also so easy to direct and fell into poses naturally. Some seniors need a little more coaching which totally fine and completely normal, but Madi moved into poses organically and it was fun to see for a senior.

Madi style is definitely edgy, so I wanted to find a location that suited that. We decided on Lawrenceville, a Pittsburgh neighborhood that has an eclectic mix of urban, industrial and natural spots. Not everyone can make corrugated metal look this rad ;).

Something that’s not pictured, but I hope comes through in the spirit of these, is the incredible artist that Madi is. Can you sense it? She’s an insanely talented visual artist (drawing) and is graduating from a performing arts high school this year.

Loved working with you, Madi!! So excited to follow your talent.

Pittsburgh Senior Photos

Location: Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh

Photographer: Loren DeMarco Photography