January 10, 2021

Walled Garden Mellon Park Wedding

After a few years long distance Miranda and Nick are starting their next chapter here in Pittsburgh, their hometown.

Originally their wedding plan was to have a big wedding in October at the Energy Innovation Center. Because of the pandemic they decided to do a small ceremony + lunch at the Walled Garden at Mellon Park in September instead. They would have a big party at EIC the following year. Such a good choice. I encouraged a lot of my couples to go with route if they didn’t want to wait a full year or longer to get married! I also just love the intimacy of a small ceremony, always.

It was a gorgeous day at one of my favorite parks in Pittsburgh, Mellon Park. It’s actually a lot of photographers favorite, so it was nice to have the spot to myself (wink)! Family gathered in the central courtyard for their ceremony then picnic style lunch afterwards. I could tell that everyone was so grateful to be able to come together to celebrate during the pandemic. I was overjoyed to be there for their special day, too.